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Matrix42 is a German company that develops software for IT infrastructure management. The company’s products make digital workspace management simple and secure. The innovative Digital Workspace Management package helps to achieve business and IT balance. The solution relieves the IT department to save costs, ensures the security of sensitive company data on all platforms and guarantees compatibility with other software. Using Matrix42, IT manages all devices, applications and services simply and securely – as part of a holistically integrated solution with consistent processes. Integration with existing IT infrastructure is seamless. The Digital Workspace Management solution can run in the cloud, on your own servers or in a hybrid model.


One of the pillars of the offered solutions is cyber security – the company strongly develops in this direction the following areas, among others: Identity and Access Management, Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security. The Secure Unified Endpoint Management package supports the identification and monitoring of sensitive data. It ensures that this data cannot fall into the wrong hands, the increase in the number of devices in the digital workplace management sector has led to an increased risk of data loss or theft as a result of numerous transfers.

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Michał Sobieski

Product Manager
tel. +48 609 603 188