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Calibrite, a manufacturer of calibrators and colour standards, is a group of investors, passionate photographers and filmmakers – worlds closely connected to the industry. In this new entity, the reliability of existing X-Rite solutions combines with the experience of passionate professionals who have been working with colour for decades. For over 20 years, X-Rite has been at the forefront of the colour management solutions market. It has developed many products, including colour standards and calibration devices, among others. As investors began to show interest, the opportunity arose to create a company dedicated solely to the calibrators and colour standards market. Agreement was quickly reached with X-Rite, resulting in the transfer of their existing activities in this sector to a new entity called Calibrite. The company’s overarching aim is and will continue to be to provide the best solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers and creative content creators who love colour and require the best tools for work where colour is critical.

All products will carry a very familiar name: ColorChecker. There is also continued cooperation with X-Rite, which will provide solutions trusted by customers. The manufacturer’s offer is aimed at photographers, filmmakers, various types of designers and creative artists.

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Pawel Waszniewski

Product Manager
+48 885 805 609